Warranty Policy

Although most customers know china lab furniture products are a good price, but just a small part of them buy directly from China, Why? There are two important reasons;

First, they are worried about the quality.

ZHIHAO has more than 5 years experience in laboratory furniture manufacturing. We are proud to provide high-quality products and service.

ZHIHAO promises that all laboratory products with one-year free warranty from date of final acceptance, and lifetime maintenance. Meanwhile, Most customers are worried about laboratory system installation, anyway it’s really very easy.

Safety cabinets are whole set package; No need installation;

For paint storage cabinets, the clients just need to tight with threads from holes;

We will provide the INSTALLATION INSTRUCTION for chemistry lab table; Base cabinets can be put up according to customers requirements or providing install video;

Then, what products can customers get from ZHIHAO?

Our products include lab casework, safety cabinets, fume hoods, lab accessories, etc; laboratory casework includes base cabinets, wall cabinets, and lab storage cabinets; ZHIHAO laboratory casework can be made by different materials (Melamine faced MDF/ Plywood/ chipboard, cold-rolled steel, stainless steel, or polypropylene sheet); MDF casework and steel casework are the popular material. And the lab tables are provided with two different structures-floor mounted or with metal frame; Customers can choose different materials according to different applications.

Safety cabinets include hazardous storage cabinets, flammable storage cupboards, corrosive cabinets; They are made by painted steel which is good at chemical resistant, scratch resistant; Anyway, some customers will ask for stainless steel hazardous chemical storage cabinets, of course, SS is better than painted steel, meanwhile, the price is also higher. Corrosive cabinet (polypropylene) is designed to storage high-density chemicals. Refer to laboratory fume cupboards, ZHIHAO provides chemical vent hood and ductless fume hood benchtop; Please visit the product's introduction for more details.

Are they all one-year free warranty and lifetime maintenance?

Yes, this is our standard service; All the products you get from ZHIHAO, Now matter it’s lab casework, safety cabinets, fume cupboards in laboratories, etc, even the accessories, are under our standard service.

Now, start getting lab furniture from China manufacturer directly by contacting with us at zhihaolab@hotmail.com