Comparison of fire resisting time for different safety cabinets

Similar to the method of centralized storage of dangerous goods, the use of safe storage cabinets is also a safe storage of flammable chemicals or compressed air tanks. Safe storage cabinets can be used in a variety of fields: laboratory, industry, hand industry, University, hospital, public institution, etc.. The primary task of modern safety cabinets is to minimize the risk of fire when storing flammable liquids or compressed gases. In the event of a fire, the safe storage tank is equipped with a special fireproof structure, so that the substance stored in it prevents the fire from spreading.

In the past, only Germany had adopted strict standards for the storage of dangerous goods. As early as 1980s, the DIN 12925 standard specified the storage conditions for flammable liquids (first parts) and compressed air tanks (second parts). This standard has been the dominant position in the international community, becoming the basis for today's European standard EN 14470, and the new standards set the safety cabinet design and fire protection requirements in 2004.

The EN standard identifies four types of cabinets: 15, 30, 60, and 90. Each type represents the time when the dangerous goods are stored to prevent the storage of the fire. For example, the 90 type storage cabinet used in Germany in the fire in 1.5 hours to prevent chemical storage on fire: IT staff have enough time to evacuate to a safe area, rescue workers can start fire action.
Safe storage cabinets are classified according to stored substances and can be stored:
Flammable liquid
Compressed air tank
Acid base
Nonflammable chemicals
The market has various width and height cabinets, equipped with different door cabinets and closing mechanisms, and various equipment forms. Cabinet design is also different, single steel safety cabinet, the highest model is 90 EN type.

The most important protection for safe storage cabinets is to reliably isolate flammable materials and critical temperature rise within a specified time during fire.
• prevent explosion and intensify the fire
• provide adequate time for evacuation
• what are the conditions for fire / rescue personnel to provide fire and rescue times at temperatures up to 200 F (392 degrees C)? When temperatures exceed 200 degrees (392 degrees F), many flammable chemicals will reach their autoignition point, and therefore may explode.

1 、 double deck steel storage cabinet
How long is the safe storage time of flammable materials? The figure clearly shows the storage cabinet
Difference: fire test in accordance with European standard, double deck steel storage cabinet
Hold cabinet temperature below 180 degrees (356 degrees F) time is not more than 3 minutes.

2, 30 EN safe storage cabinet
Type 30 EN asecos storage cabinet can prevent cabinet temperature rise in 30 minutes to reach the critical
Boundary point. This is 10 times the safe time of the double deck steel storage cabinet!

3, 90, EN type safe storage cabinet
The asecos 90 EN type cabinet has the highest safety. When contact with flame, 90
The temperature in the cabinet will not exceed 180 degrees centigrade (356 F) within 10 minutes
30 times the safe time! As a result, rescue workers and fire fighters have adequate supplies
Response time.