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Safely Use and Maintenance of Biological Safety Cabinets

1. In accordance with national standards and relevant regulations, explain the use and restrictions of safety cabinets to all users who may use biological safety cabinets. Written instructions or safety manuals or operating manuals shall be issued to the staff. In particular, the staff must be explicitly told,
2. In case of splashing, crushing or improper handling, the safe cannot protect the operator.
3. Safety cabinets are only available when the work is normal.
4. The glass window of the front face of the safe cannot be opened when the safe is in use.
5. The instruments and materials placed in the cabinet must be kept at the minimum quantity. The air circulation at the back of the plenum box shall not be obstructed. Before placing the material in the work area of the safe, decontamination should be done on its surface.
6. A Bunsen burner (a gas lamp) shall not be used in the cabinet. The heat generated by it will disturb the airflow and may cause damage to the filter. A micro electric incinerator can be used,
but a disposable sterilizing ring is better.
7. All work in the cabinet should be done at the middle or rear of the work area and can be seen from the observation panel.
8. The rear of the operator should achieve the least amount of activity.
9. The operator should not arm back and forth out of the cabinet, so as not to disturb the airflow.
10. Before the gate shall not be blocked style notes, dropper, or other material, otherwise it will disrupt the airflow which may make material contamination, the personnel in the exposed state.
11. Use the appropriate disinfectant to clean the surface of the safety cabinet at the end of each work and at the end of the day.
12. The fan in the cabinet should be run 5 minutes before the start of work and after the completion of the work.