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Storage Methods and Principles of Dangerous Chemicals

1. Storage methods
The storage methods of dangerous chemicals are divided into three kinds: isolated storage, separated storage and separated storage.
1.1 isolated storage
In the same room or in the same area, different materials are separated at a certain distance, and the storage space is maintained between the non - taboo materials through the passage.
The prohibited materials mentioned here refer to the chemical substances which are different in chemical properties or different in extinguishing methods, as detailed in the sixth section of this chapter.
1.2 separated storage
Stored in a building or in the same area, separated by a partition or wall from a taboo material.
1.3 separate storage
Storage in different buildings or in the outer areas of all buildings.

2. principles of classified storage
According to the performance of storage of dangerous chemicals division, classification, library, all kinds of dangerous chemicals shall not be mixed and taboo material storage.
There are a variety of dangerous chemicals, storage should be in accordance with the performance of complex, partition, classification, segmentation of special warehouse areas principle, fixed number, variety, warehouse, personnel ("fixed") for safekeeping. Small libraries should be classified, partitioned and stored separately. Substances with conflicting properties, different extinguishing methods, strong dangerous chemicals and other general dangerous chemicals shall be stored separately.
The classification of dangerous chemicals storage is a very complicated problem, whether the same goods storage or stored in isolation, or warehouse storage, quality and quantity of goods and the number, storage conditions and packaging quality and storage time and so on. Therefore, the above factors should be taken into account when depositing.
Different warehouse nature, storage requirements are not the same. For example, the national large-scale special hazardous chemicals warehouse and small enterprises of hazardous chemicals subsidiary warehouse, doing chemical experiments or medical reagents and small hospitals, schools, scientific research units and storage is different; the formal construction of moisture proofing and thermal insulation of low temperature warehouse and simple small warehouse; strict strict internal and external packaging simple and small package is not the same, such as packaging and storage of strict protection of the nitrogen carbide barrel, with the same opening and simple packaging for calcium carbide bucket cannot, under different circumstances, a comprehensive analysis of the degree of risk, how to determine the classification of storage requirements.
Generally speaking, every commercial, material department or large enterprise has a larger stock of dangerous chemicals warehouse, and should be carried out according to the "inventory of hazardous chemicals". For small hazardous chemicals warehouse, we can refer to the "commonly used hazardous chemicals storage ban list". Scientific research institutions, schools, hospitals and other medical or chemical tests for hazardous chemicals and chemical reagents, should set up a special storage room, storage room area not exceeding 20m -.
Storage cabinets shall be constructed in accordance with specific circumstances, and the total reserves of each cabinet shall not exceed 200kg. Storage rooms and storage cabinets should be stored in the same nature of the goods. On the performance of conflicting or hazardous chemicals fire in different ways (except explosives), if the packing is strong, tight sealing, the number less, can allow room or cabinet to store grid.