The Standards of Safety Cabinet

Nowadays, the industry is facing more and more dangerous chemicals, its safe storage, how to reduce the fire accident, and protect the personal and equipment safety, become the urgent problem to solve. Fire can kill life and destroy property mercilessly in an instant. It was found in the analysis of every factory fire after the accident, fire accident and classification, most enterprises flammable and hazardous chemicals storage and handling, and most similar accidents can be avoided. Proper and standardized storage and classification of flammable and hazardous chemicals in the enterprise is essential.

2 function

Safety cabinets are used to regulate the storage of flammable liquids, flammable liquids, and certain dangerous chemicals, including corrosive chemicals, and also to store flammable and combustible oils, oils, pesticides, etc.. Different types of chemicals are used in various places, such as chemical manufacturing enterprises, laboratories, medical institutions and so on, so different security cabinets are needed to store them.

3 Classification

In general, they are classified according to stored substances: chemical safety cabinets, file safety cabinets, individual protective articles, safety cabinets, gas cylinders, safety cabinets, ventilating safety cabinets, etc..
Chemical safety cabinets: cabinets used to store chemicals of all kinds, but not to store chemicals directly in cabinets, but to store safe tanks or containers containing chemicals. The role of chemical safety cabinets: in case of dangerous situations, let the workers on the spot have time to leave the scene and avoid personnel being hurt. Its role is to protect the safety of personnel.

File safe: a safe cabinet for storing all kinds of files. The function is to protect the document from loss when the danger happens.
individual protective equipment safety cabinet: storage of individual protective equipment safety cabinet, there is no special requirements.

Cylinder safety cabinet: mainly to store all kinds of gas tank safety cabinet, to prevent the risk of gas bottle when the personnel were injured.

4 standard internal structure

Equipped with can move up and down the adjustable fixed, easy to leak proof plate type adjustable, adjust the spacing for 6CM.
Leak proof type plate can be adjusted freely, effectively use the space safety cabinet.

There are 5 cm high at the bottom of the leak proof, to prevent accidental liquid outflow.

The interior of the cabinet is sprayed with epoxy resin, and then treated with high temperature to prevent chemical substances from corrosion on the job site.

5 ventilation safety cabinet: mainly used in various laboratories

Safety cabinet
* high quality safety cabinets comply with EN14470-1, OSHA 29, CFR 1910.106, and NFPA CODE30 standards
* all double deck fire resistant steel structures, with two layers of steel separated by an insulating layer of 38mm
* quality steel plate of thickness greater than 1.2mm, through point welding, longer service life, better fire resistance
* Unicx three point linkage type door lock, easy to open and close, 180 degrees door with two keys
* 5 cm high leak proof due to the accidental outflow of liquid can not overflow
* professional regulatory warning labels are obvious
* double air vent equipped with anti fire stopping device
* unique leak proof type plate can be freely adjusted every 6 cm between the upper and lower layer.
* both inside and outside the cabinet are painted with durable, lead-free enamels to prevent chemical attack
* in strict accordance with the OSHA code, the cabinet body has an electrostatic grounding conduction port, which is convenient for connecting the static grounding wire.
If stored as flammable or flammable chemicals mentioned by OSHA1910.106.