• Acid Cabinet

Acid Cabinet

Corrosive storage cabinets are used for the storage of high density acid and alkali; Variety of sizes to meet different requirements.

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Detail of Acid Cabinet

Polypropylene Cabinets is used for the storage of high density acid and alkali(for example, sulfuric acid, hydroelectric acid, citric acid, sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide etc); ZHIHAO corrosive cabinets are available in variety of size in order to meet specific application.

The advantages of our corrosive cabinets:

1.PP cabinet body adopts high quality anti-shock white PP board, welded as a whole with same property and color welding bar. It will neither rust nor corrode;

2.All cabinets have liquid-tight, all-welded interior to contain accidental spills. Liquid-tight trough to contain spillage;

3.Standard material thickness 8mm; 10mm polypropylene board is available;

4.Equipped with adjustable leakage proof shelves, which could be taken out for cleaning;

5.Clear warning label “corrosive”;

6.Hings, handles are all made by polypropylene, 304 stainless steel screws;

7.OEM service is available;

Acid Corrosive Cabinet

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Features of Corrosive Cabinets:

1. The effective management of a large number of different chemicals.

2. It can be used to storage various of chemicals, such as sulfuric acid, nitric acid, etc;

3. Windows are made by 5mm tempered glass which can prevent the dangerous when glass broken.


Acid storage cabinet is not suitable for Flammable chemicals which are with different storage requirements; Please visit flammable storage cabinets for more details. Stainless steel lab cabinets is available. Contact ZHIHAO sales department now.

Why choose ZHIHAO lab furniture LTD?

1.We are one of the most professional laboratory furniture manufacturers with an over 10000 square meter producing center in Baiyun, Guangzhou City, China;

2.All the safety cabinets are strictly produced according to OSHA;

3.Save your cost by getting high quality products from us; And our price is competitive. Now, our products have sold to dozens of countries. All the clients say “ZHIHAO is a good partner. Really high quality.”

4.No standard size for outdoor flammable chemical storage cabinets, all is produced according to clients requirements;

5.Service team will treat each client with heart and soul; All the questions will be replied within 24hours;

6.Lifetime maintenance; Any problems during using, contact with us directly.

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