Safety Storage Cabinet

Chemical safety cabinets include flammable liquid cabinet (for flammable chemicals), corrosive safety cabinet (used to store high density acid and alkali), vented storage cabinet (not hazardous chemicals storage); Different chemicals should be stored in different cabinets to reduce or avoid the possible hazards. Usually, steel made explosion proof cabinet is the best choice for chemicals.

ZHIHAO is the leading chemical storage cabinets supplier in china, we have an over 10000 square meter factory. Our lab cabinets are provided with three different materials-wood, steel and polypropylene; Stainless steel is available according to clients requirements.

Features of different safety cabinets

Cabinet with glass doors is usually used to store medicine. It is made by melamine wood or cold rolled steel coated with epoxy resin powder; This kind of cabinet is equipped with 3 or 4 adjustable shelves. In china, substantial numbers of clients like an special cabinet to store not hazardous chemical; It has glass doors and adjustable shelves with different size holes; This kind of cabinet are the most popular design for school laboratory. Vented storage cabinet is equipped with a small axial fan to discharge hazardous chemical vapors outside. Flammable liquids cabinet is all weld double steel construction with adjustable galvanized shelves. Acid corrosive cabinet is only used to store high density chemicals, anyway, it’s not suitable for hot place as it’s made by polypropylene.

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