Emergency Shower And Eyewash Station

They are the emergency rescue facilities used in the toxic and harmful environment; These devices can be emergency wash or shower When harmful chemicals splash to staff’s body, face, eyes. The main function is to avoid further damage caused by chemical substances, but these devices can’t replace medical.

As early as 1980s in developed countries, eyewash station and safety shower are widely used in laboratories, hospitals, etc. The purpose is to reduce the damage to the body caused by harmful substances.

How to choose Emergency shower and eyewash for the laboratory?

1. According to chemicals

When there is fluoride, chloride, sulfuric acid and oxalic acid concentration above 50% in laboratory,  safety shower equipment made by 316 stainless steel or 304 stainless steel coated with ABS powder will be the best choice.

2. Choose Automatic Emptying & Anti-freeze safety shower and eyewash station for the frozen area. Anti-freezing type can be used to empty the water in the whole device after finishing using or on standby. It can be divided into automatic and manual emptying; and in general, automatic emptying is the best choice.

3. Portable eyewash station will be the best choice if there is no water or need to change the workplace. But, This kind of small portable washing machine only has the function of washing eyes, without shower function; And the water flow is much smaller than fixed design.

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