Flammable Storage Cabinets

Flammable storage cabinets are also known as justrite cabinets, hazardous storage cabinets, dangerous goods storage cabinets or chemical cabinets. ZHIHAO provides two different kinds of flammable cabinets for sale ( indoor flammable cabinet and outdoor flammable storage cabinet) in three different colors; They are same size but for different types of hazardous goods storage. Other colors are available according to clients requirements. They are all strictly produced according to or exceed OSHA29 CER 1910.106, CE.

Flammable Storage Cabinet

Yellow flammable cabinet: used to storage various flammable chemicals, (flashing point bellow 45℃ ),such as Gasoline, alcohol, etc;
Red flammable cabinet:
used to storage various combustible chemicals, (flashing point above 45℃ ),such as oil, diesel oil, lubricating oil, etc;
Blue flammable cabinet:
used to storage various weak corrosive liquids, such as acetic acid,  phosphoric acid, etc;

Why choose our flammable storage cupboards?

1.Safe storage flammable chemicals in order to reduce this risk of fire, and to protect staffs and equipment;
2.To raise working efficiency by classify and sort all kinds of chemicals in different colors fire cabinets;
3. Even in a narrow working space, the small flammable cabinet also can provide safe storage for your combustible, flammable liquids and chemicals;
4.Warning staffs to keep fire away by highlighted label and color;

Maintenance Instruction:

1. Don’t scratch cabinets body by sharps and pointed items;
2. Don't keep fire cabinets in hot conditions (>110°C );
3. Don’t expose to open fire or direct sunlight;
4. Use warm water or mild detergent clean cabinet, for example, cleansing agent for washing dishes and hands; Don’t use abrasive cleaner;
5. Use hypochlorous acid to clean stubborn stains.