• Indoor Flammable Storage Cabinet

Indoor Flammable Storage Cabinet

Z&H justrite flammable cabinet is strictly produced according to OSHA and passed CE, ISO; The quality can meet the requirement of international market.

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The fire is not terrible, as early as in ancient times, humans have learned to use fire, which completely subverts the human way of eating raw food. It can be said that fire is a good friend of mankind, but if not very good control of the use of fire, it will erosion of life and property.

ZHIHAO series flammable safety cabinet is strictly produced according to OSHA and passed CE, ISO; The quality can meet and exceed the requirement of international market for safety cabinet.

Details of flammable storage cabinets:

*All welded double wall construction with 38mm(1-1/2'') insulating air space for fire resistance.
*Thickness 1.0mm high quality steel plate by spot welding method, longer life service,better fire prevention.
*6cm leak tight sump at the bottom of cabinets maximally catches incidental drips.
*Professional standard "FLAMMABLE-KEEP FIRE AWAY"warning label is obvious and clear.
*Two anti-fire air vent,installed on the bottom and near by the top.
*Unique anti-leakage shelf can be adjusted up and down freely.
*The door can be opened and closed 180 degree freely, three-point latch with a manual lock for better security.
*Whole set package by carton.

Size available:
4  gallon  W430*D430*H560mm    1shelf     single door, manual close;
12 gallon  W590*D460*H890mm    1shelf     single door, manual close;
30 gallon  W1090*D460*H1120mm  1shelf     double doors, manual close;
45 gallon  W1090*D460*H1650mm  2shelves   double doors, manual close;
60 gallon  W860*D860*H1650mm   2shelves   double doors, manual close;
90 gallon  W1090*D860*H1650mm  2shelves   double doors, manual close;
120gallon  W1500*D860*H1650mm  2shelves   double doors, manual close;
Other size is available according to clients requirements.

All the cabinet are available in yellow, red, blue.

fireproof chemical storage cabinet

Our safety cabinets for flammables are produced in three different colors (yellow, blue, red), using suitable color cabinets storage your dangerous chemicals; It will be convenient to identify the dangerous material.

fireproof cabinets for chemicals

ZHIHAO Series Safety Cabinets Advantages:

*FM, OSHA29 CER 1910.106, NFPA CODE30;
*Three-point self-locking system, double lock management system;
All FM justrite safety cabinet is equipped with three-point bullet self-locking system.The door is completely closed to ensure maximum security even without rotating the handles.
*Fire proof cabinets are designed to anti-static;
ZHIHAO Fire storage cabinets are equipped with a anti-static wire, which is to prevent fires caused by static sparks. Combustibles, combustion and ignition sources are three essential factors caused the burning. Only these three conditions are met will cause a fire. So long as we prevent any one of the three elements, you can avoid the fire.Electrostatic played a role in the fire source.
*Different size are available;
ZHIHAO provides OEM service.The size can be customized according to clients lab. Even in small work space, a small flammable cabinet can provide safe storage for your flammable liquids and chemicals.
*We are real manufacturer with produce center; You can get cheap flammable cabinets from us with high quality;
*One year free warranty, lifetime maintenance;

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