Laminar Hood

Clean bench is designed to meet the needs of local work area cleanliness of modern industry, optoelectronics industry, biopharmaceuticals, and scientific research and other areas. Its working principle is: the air is sucked into the elementary filter through a fan, and through the electrostatic box into Hepa filter, then the filtered air will be blown out in the vertical or horizontal way; It can provide 100 cleanliness (operation area), to ensure the production of environment cleanliness requirements.

According to the direction of the air flow, laminar airflow cabinet is divided into vertical laminar flow hood and horizontal laminar flow hood; Normally, vertical laminar flow hood is used in medicals to prevent operator, but, the noise is a litter large; meanwhile, horizontal laminar flow hood is widely used in electronic industry. According to operation structure, it can be divided into a single working side and double working sides.

Remarks: Clean bench is different with bio-safety cabinet; The former can only protect reagents in operating area not contaminated, but not protect the staff. The latter is a negative pressure system, can effectively protect the staff and reagents.