• Plumbed Eye Wash Station

Plumbed Eye Wash Station

Z&H provides plumbed eye wash station in carbon steel, stainless steel material. 7 days delivery, fantastic price.

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Item No. of Plumbed Eye Wash Station:

(A) ZH-E1011, 304 stainless steel in stainless steel color;

(B) ZH-E1012C, 304 stainless steel + ABS plastic in yellow color;

(C) ZH-E1316, 316 stainless steel in SS color;

(D) ZH-E1013T, carbon steel + ABS plastic in yellow color;

They are all same design, but different materials or colors.

Technical Details of Plumbed Eye Wash Station

Eyewash system: the height and angle of water is designed according to facial proportions, the eyewash device can start quickly within 1 second when open the ball valve. Water flow is from 12L/min to 18L/min; Hydraulic pressure from 0.2 to 0.4MPA.

Eyewash valve: Push to open or Pedal type (wall mounted only can be push to open)

Eyewash nozzle: high-density pp material + 304 mesh, can filter the impurities in the water, making the spewing water more downy;

Size: water in 1/2 inch; water out 5/4 inch; (others available)

Packing: 74*28*23cm;

Weight: stainless item 6.2kgs; carbon steel item 6.4kgs;

Foot treadle stainless steel available: Activating eye wash valve (Non-standard Supply)

Remarks: 316 stainless steel eyewash station has very good performance at corrosion resistance which can resist the special, high density corrosive substances, such as chloride, fluoride, concentrated sulfuric acid, etc.

Plumbed Eye Wash Station

Why choose our safety shower and eyewash station?

1. Our company has achieved ISO9001 quality system certification. The eyewash device produced by our company has gotten US ANSI Z358.1 2009 standard certification, Europe CE certification, and utility new model patent certification; We also achieved “high quality and famous brand in China” regarded by quality department.

2. ZHIHAO provides plentiful of emergency shower and eyewash equipment which can meet different clients needs. (wall mounted safety shower, eyewash & shower station, portable eyewash)

3. Save your cost by getting products directly from the real manufacturer. Zhihao is one of the leading laboratory furniture manufacturers with an over 10000 square meters producing center;

4. Quickly shipment; Safety shower and eyewash station are in stock, customers orders can be sent within 3 days after payment.

5. One year free warranty, lifetime maintenance;

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